Youth powered Selby film gets underway

The Selby Big Local filming process is now underway and in full effect as young people from the Selby area interviewed each other using questions they had devised.

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The interviews explore what life is like for young people living in Selby and what they think the area needs to improve the lives of local people.

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Professionals working closely with the young people in Selby have also been interviewed to highlight the issues and challenges facing young people and to give their views on what improvements are needed in the area from a professional perspective. Screen Shot 2017-10-03 at 12.49.19

Community officer, Jonny Beaucannon talked about the challenges around anti social behaviour and the need for positive role models for young people in the area. The interviews will be cut together with interviews from the young people along side poetry they have written and recorded. As part of the filmmaking process we took images of the young people to visualise their poems and create cutaways for the film.

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The film is almost completely shot and the post production process has begun. Once the film is complete we will be organising a launch event to share it with key stakeholders and members of the community! Keep watching the blog for more details.

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Lyricism session

The team had the opportunity to take part in a lyricism masterclass with Kritikal Powers where they would learn creative writing and rhyming techniques which they could apply to their own poetry.

Selby Session 2

First the team got to see Kritikal perform a spoken word track he wrote from his Liberation EP.

Selby Session 1_92The team then worked together to stack rhyming words they could use in their own poems.Selby Session 1_100The group stacked words that related to aspirations, dreams and futures.Selby Session 1_103After the team had stacked rhyming words Kritikal showed them some writing techniques. Selby Session 2_11As soon as everyone had the tools to start writing the team moved on to creating their own poems.Selby Session 1_117

The group split into groups to create the poetry, read the final poems below:

Selby Session 1_106Follow My Dreams

“I’ve lived in Selby all my life

When I walk through the door I start to get strife

I’ve always wanted the confidence to believe

When I follow my dreams I am able to achieve


Every young person has talent and hope

Sometimes we just need the support to cope

When I look at my reflection I don’t see perfection

We are young people we just need love and affection


We are so strong and we have power

We can stand proud and tall like a tower”

Selby Session 2_13 

Songs Written

“I’ve lived in Selby most of my life

Writing music and singing helps get rid of the strife

I grew up with the thought of disbelief

Forever getting hassle and grief


Many songs written, many mistakes made

I have to help myself, nobody comes to my aid”

Selby Session 1_112

Creating a character

To begin the journey young people were asked to create a character to understand what a young person from Selby feels and learn about the environment they live in.Selby Session 1_69

Inside the character young people were asked to write words to describe thoughts and feelings and on the outside they were asked to write about environments and circumstances.  The young people highlighted some significant issues they felt young people were facing from a shared experience perspective. Selby Session 1_77Selby Session 1_57‘Charlie J’


  • Doesn’t talk about feelings, too terrified
  • Scared
  • Sad
  • Suicidal
  • Has friends
  • Depressed
  • Likes his bedroom because he is by himself and he cant be bullied in his bedroom
  • In his bedroom he can have peace and quiet
  • Bullied


  • Drama
  • Wants to be popular
  • Doesn’t fit in
  • Wants to have a family
  • Nobody to stick by him
  • Lives with grandma
  • Isolated
  • Likes to express himself by dancing
  • Loves to read life story books

Selby Session 1_79

Selby Session 1_82

Selby Session 1_84Chicken


  • Sad
  • Lonely
  • Depressed
  • Lonely
  • Loves his family and friends
  • Mentally ill
  • Happy
  • Wants support
  • Loves chicken nuggets
  • Doesn’t come out of his bedroom


  • Something that happened at home
  • Doesn’t go to school because he is depressed and his mum is ill
  • Locked in his room because he doesn’t want people to see him
  • Doesn’t want to eat anything
  • Spends time at skate park
  • Dance lessons
  • Home
  • Swimming

Selby Session 1_68

There was a clear indication of some bullying issues and the impact that was having on individuals. The group would use their characters to write poetry about living in Selby and aspirations in the next part of the creative process.

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Selby youth voice film project launches

A new Inspired Youth film project has launched in Selby working in coproduction with young people from the area. The project uses creativity to explore what it is like living in Selby and to involve young people in creating a vision for its future. The project is part of Selby Big Local, an exciting opportunity for residents in 150 areas around England to use a £1 million Big Lottery investment to make a lasting positive difference to their communities.

Selby Session 1_107

Young people engaged with North Yorkshire County Council Prevention Service have started a journey to share their thoughts and feelings about growing up in Selby, as well as discussing barriers facing young people and ideas about how they could improve the area.

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