Lyricism session

The team had the opportunity to take part in a lyricism masterclass with Kritikal Powers where they would learn creative writing and rhyming techniques which they could apply to their own poetry.

Selby Session 2

First the team got to see Kritikal perform a spoken word track he wrote from his Liberation EP.

Selby Session 1_92The team then worked together to stack rhyming words they could use in their own poems.Selby Session 1_100The group stacked words that related to aspirations, dreams and futures.Selby Session 1_103After the team had stacked rhyming words Kritikal showed them some writing techniques. Selby Session 2_11As soon as everyone had the tools to start writing the team moved on to creating their own poems.Selby Session 1_117

The group split into groups to create the poetry, read the final poems below:

Selby Session 1_106Follow My Dreams

“I’ve lived in Selby all my life

When I walk through the door I start to get strife

I’ve always wanted the confidence to believe

When I follow my dreams I am able to achieve


Every young person has talent and hope

Sometimes we just need the support to cope

When I look at my reflection I don’t see perfection

We are young people we just need love and affection


We are so strong and we have power

We can stand proud and tall like a tower”

Selby Session 2_13 

Songs Written

“I’ve lived in Selby most of my life

Writing music and singing helps get rid of the strife

I grew up with the thought of disbelief

Forever getting hassle and grief


Many songs written, many mistakes made

I have to help myself, nobody comes to my aid”

Selby Session 1_112


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